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    1. Changing Generational Views Toward BackPacking

      Changing Generational Views Toward BackPacking

       Chris Doyle, executive director of the Adventure Travel Trade Association, describes "a well-known trend" in outdoor gear sales, wherein day packs take an increasing share of the pack market while technical overnight packs are a declining percentage of total sales. "The same is true for heavy, extended-trip boots versus light boots," says Doyle. "This is all part of a trend towards 'Done in a day' that reflects consumers' continued interest in outdoor adventures, but they prefer to be in their own bed or another comfortable spot (hotel or lodge) at night."

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    1. We saw app after app that basically took a desktop experience and crammed it onto a small screen, resulting into a terrible shopping experience.
      By Tim Bernal
    2. It is very important for us to create an exciting and memorable experience for our customers when they visit our concept stores, and we believe that using digital signage is the best way in which to educate our clients on the products and services available to them in-store.
      By Claudia da Silva
    3. Today, consumers are more connected and informed than ever, so reaching the right customer with the right message at the right time requires a consumer first, data-driven approach.
      By Jill Balis
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    With the rapidly changing consumer and business landscape, the Market & Consumer Insights team’s goal is to provide members with a firm understanding of key market trends and consumer needs/behaviors impacting the outdoor industry. OIA has built an insights offering with a suite of products ranging from market sales data to social media listening to trends forecasting in order to provide a multi-faceted and holistic view of consumer and market understanding for our members. Anyone interested in learning more or getting involved can email us at research@outdoorindustry.org
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